Metered Aerosols

Dry formula mist eliminates messy fall-out on counters and floors. VOC compliant for sale in all states. Lasts for over 30 days. Premium products use refined classic fragrances that contain high quality oils, making their scents strong and long lasting. Spa Inspired products use ultra-premium aromatherapy formulations consisting of complex and sophisticated fragrance oils.
• Mulberry Metered Air Freshener
• Fresh Linen Metered Air Freshener
• Mango Metered Air Freshener
• Dutch Apple Spice Metered Air Freshener

Mulberry MSDS | Fresh Linen MSDS | Mango MSDS |  Dutch Apple MSDS


Pro-Link Baseboard Wax Stripper

Clings to vertical surfaces allowing adequate dwell time for effective removal of finish on baseboards, floors and wall tiles. Inverted valve allows can to be sprayed upside down so cleaning and stripping baseboards is easy, accurate and trouble-free. Great for use where machines cannot reach, especially along edges. Non-ammoniated formula does not require labor intensive flood rinsing.



Pro-Link Citrus Cleaner & Deodorizer

This orange-powered, all-purpose foaming cleaner clings to all washable surfaces. Heavy-duty detergents and cleaning agents dissolve grease, dirt and grime. Use on countertops, appliances and stoves in kitchen areas.



Pro-Link Dust Mop Treatment

An oil based, all-purpose dusting aid designed to pick up and capture, dust, lint and dirt. Will not transfer. Use on dust mops to clean floors. 397 gr tin x 12 per case.



Pro-Link Glass Cleaner

Non-streaking, non-smearing, quick-dry formula that does not leave a film. Non-ammoniated and pleasant-to-use fresh fragrance. Cleans and shines windows, mirrors, windshields, chrome, tile, porcelain, sinks, countertops, acrylics and polycarbonates.



Pro-Link Germicidal Cleaner

A one step quaternary foaming cleaner that disinfects and deodorizes in the presence of a moderate amount of soil. Foamy spray clings to vertical surfaces without dripping. DIN registered. 539 g tin x 12 per case.



Pro-Link Chewing Gum Remover

Freezes gum and wax so it can be chipped or flaked from the surface. For use on carpeting, clothing, school desks, lockers, tile, wood and linoleum. Use on other surfaces as well.



Pro-Link Oven Cleaner

Superior foam stability allows for extended contact time. Effective on both warm and cold ovens, grills and drip pans. Removes caked-on and heavily burned grease. Safer on appliances when used as directed. Do not use on aluminum. 12 per case.



Pro-Link Stainless Steel Cleaner

A blend of cleaning solvents, detergents and fine oils. Cleans, polishes and protects stainless steel without hard rubbing and polishing. Resists fingerprints, grease and water spatter. Specifically suited for use in food preparation areas. 425g tin x 12 per case.



Pro-Link Apple Dry Air Freshener

Unique formulation designed to eliminate offensive odors in the air with no wet fallout. Great coverage in open areas. Easy to use in the office, restrooms, or wherever odors are present. VOC compliant. Contains no CFCs. Contains no ozone-depleting chemicals.



Pro-Link Vandalism Remover

Removes marks caused by: Crayon, lipstick, inks and spray paint. Vandalism Remover contains a blend of penetrating solvents. For use on various surfaces. Works in minutes.



Prolink Furniture Polish

A lemon oil, wax and silicone cleaner and polish. Resists fingerprints, smudges and watermarks. Cleans and polishes furniture, woodwork, desks, doors, kitchen cabinets, wood panels, counters and tabletops. Lemon scent. Great for laminated surfaces.