PRO501C • Neutral All Purpose Detergent

Bring back the shine to your high-gloss floors—without having to strip and re-wax. The 501 Neutral formula loosens and removes soil found in high-traffic areas, while protecting high-gloss finishes. Our rinse-free formula contains no phosphates and leaves no dulling film. The pre-measured packs of cleaning solution take the guesswork out of mixing chemicals. Just drop a pouch in the bucket with the appropriate amount of water and go. Ideal for all types of floor surfaces ranging from terrazzo, marble, slate, vinyl and vinyl asbestos, asphalt, ceramic and quarry tile. Qty 150 x ½ oz/case.



PRO516C • Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Specially formulated detergent blend attacks organic waste and urinary salts without harsh acids or caustics. Our bio-based #130, contains an effervescing ingredient to help dissolve film in cold water. We recommend that you place the pouch in the bowl of the toilet prior to cleaning the rest of the bathroom to allow time for the pouch to dissolve. Qty 150 x ½ oz/case.



PRO523C • Multi Purpose Cleaner Deodorizer

This highly concentrated formula is designed for tough cleaning jobs on any washable surface. It is extremely useful for cutting through grease and oil commonly found in industrial settings, while remaining gentle enough to wash surfaces in offices. Our 523C is simple to use in both the gallon size and spray size. Just put the pouch into the desired container and add the appropriate amount of water. There is no guesswork, “glugging”, or overusing the product. Qty 150 x ½ oz/case.



PRO534C & 541C • Laundry Detergent with Safe Bleach & Enzymes

Our premium laundry detergent is designed with safe bleach and enzymes for maximum cleaning and brightening. This laundry contains “safe bleach” additive to protect clothes while keeping them their brightest, as well as an enzyme blend to target and attack difficult protein based stains. Use one pouch for 18-20lbs of laundry. Packaged in 100 x 1.2oz/case and 250 x 1.2oz/pail.



PRO562C • Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner

Our spray-sized glass cleaner contains a powerful multi-component formula to quickly remove dust, fingerprints, and other difficult grime. It leaves no residue or haze on the cleaned surface, leaving glass and stainless surfaces sparkling. Our spray sized pouch easily rolls up to fit into the mouth of any common spray bottle. Simple fill the bottle with water, shake to mix, and you have a ready-to-use solution. Can be used to clean glass, mirrors, computer monitors, display cases, etc. Also gives excellent results cleaning stainless steel appliances and stainless food preparation areas. On delicate or hard to reach surfaces, apply directly to the cleaning cloth, and then wipe the surface. Qty 150 x 4gm/case.



PRO565C • All Purpose Cleaner

A heavy-duty all-purpose cleaner that is specially formulated to quickly emulsify grease and oil. Ideal for industrial / institutional cleaning needs, this powerful cleaner deodorizes as it cleans leaving a fresh clean scent. Qty 150 x ½ oz/case



PRO568C • Neutralizer – Conditioner

Neutralizer Conditioner is used as a rinse water additive to neutralize and remove alkaline residue after floor stripping. It eliminates dulling and hazing so finishes look better and last longer. It also conditions the floor for more effective sealing and finishing. As an odor counteractant, #132 Neutralizer Conditioner neutralizes most odors on hard floors and grout. It will remove shampoo residue and brown water spots from carpets, as well as the white residue left by some ice melters. It works great in the winter on removing salt stains on automotive carpets! Use wherever excess alkalinity is a problem. Qty 150 x ½ oz pouch/case.



PRO570C • Dry Powder Bleach

An economical chlorine bleach based bleach packaged in a water-soluble pouch. There is no need to wear gloves or goggles; all of the chemical is contained inside the pouch. Just drop it into the washer and the pouch will dissolve. Great for hair salons and gyms where sanitizing towels are a priority. One pouch per 18-20lbs of laundry to be bleached. Packaged in recycled cartons. Qty 150 x 1 oz/case.



PRO572C • Colour Safe Bleach

A perfect addition to any laundry-cleaning program. Our #149 works to help whiten whites and keep colors bright, while remain safe to use on the most delicate fabrics. Perfect as an additive to help remove stains or for generalized brightening. Use one pouch per 18-20lbs of laundry. Qty 150 x 1 oz/case.



PRO574C • Machine Dishwashing Compound

This powerful dishwashing product is safe enough for use on all types of glassware, dishes, cutlery, pots and pans, and even fine china. Its free-rinsing with no unpleasant odor. Leaves dishes and silverware shining and spotless. For use, place unopened pouch on top tray of dishwasher and run the cycle. Do not place in the automatic soap dispenser. Qty 150 x 3/4 oz/case.



PRO576C • Drain Maintainer

A concentrated blend of beneficial, laboratory-controlled natural enzymes and specially cultured harmless bacteria. These are combined with nutrients, buffers and wetting agents to provide a compound to breakdown and liquefy waste material found in drains, plumbing and sewage systems. Qty 150 x 1 oz pouch/case.



PRO577C • High Active Drain Maintainer

A concentrated blend of beneficial, laboratory-controlled natural enzymes and specially cultured harmless bacteria. These are combined with nutrients; buffers and wetting agents to provide a compound to breakdown and liquify waste material found in drains, grease traps, holding tanks, plumbing and sewage systems. Qty 150 x ½ oz pouch/case.


PRO578C • Cutlery PreSoak

This powerful product penetrates and loosens encrusted food soils from cutlery and other utensils prior to the dishwashing operation. A must have for commercial kitchens or any other food service where there is the possibility of dried or baked on food soils remaining after the wash cycle. Qty 80 x 1½ oz pouch/case.



PRO580C & 582C • Value Laundry Detergent

An effective laundry detergent that represents the best value in laundry cleaning performance. #117 has a powerful cleaning action, yet is gentle on fabrics. Contains odor counteractant ingredients to help eliminate perspiration and other odors from laundry, leaving clothes with a fresh lemon scent. Phosphate free and biodegradable. Packaged in recyclable pails and cartons. Quantity 100 x 1oz/case or 250 x 1oz/pail.



PRO584C • Coffe Carafe Cleaner & Destainer

This formula eliminates coffee oils and dissolves mineral deposits from coffee carafe, urns, home brewing stations, cappachino machines, and coffee mugs. Ideal for coffee house chains or large office break rooms. Once a solution is made, it can be used over and over for a period of about one hour. An ideal and economic solution to keep coffee equipment stain free and clean. Qty 150 x 1 oz pouch/case.



PRO586C • Economy Laundry Detergent

An economy laundry detergent designed specifically at the request of the prison industry. Our Value Laundry Detergent has been dyed with a slight blue hue to reduce inmate abuse in facilities where the inmates do their own laundry. Priced effectively for all government prison bid opportunities. Biodegradable and phosphate free. Packaged in recyclable pails.250 x 1.2oz/pail.



PRO587C • Premium HE Detergent with safe Bleach & Enzymes

Our #431 is our premium high efficiency laundry detergent is designed with safe bleach and enzymes for maximum cleaning and brightening. This low sudsing formulation is specifically designed for use with front load washing machines, without having to worry about excess suds overflowing, which can damage front load washing machine components. Use one pouch for 18-20lbs of laundry. 150 x 3/4oz/box.



PROM2015 & PROM2042 • Cleaner Deodorizer

This product is a phosphate-free formulation designed to provide effective cleaning, deodorizing, and sanitizing specifically for hospitals, nursing homes, and other institutions where housekeeping is of prime importance in controlling the hazard of cross-contamination. Quantity 150 x x ½ oz/case and 80 x1 ½ oz/case.